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3 Fantastic Wedding Cake Trends For 2021

Dried flowers can be found in such a wonderfully wide variety of colours (muted, pastel, bright, vivid), textures (papery, feathery, spiky, smooth), and can be understated and soft, or bold, brash and right-in-your-face outlandish! There is something to suit all events and all occasions, and they have the added bonus of being ready-made, fuss-free keepsakes too!


A Day In the Life Of…A Wedding Cake Maker

In the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing some guest blogs from other wedding professionals, to give you a different perspective than mine! To start us off, I’ll start with my own take on it, then we’ll introduce our guests over time. I’m looking forward to this!


My favourite vanilla sponge recipe and how to bake without clock-watching!

For me, a vanilla sponge cake evokes memories of baking with my mum, or my gran, or my great-auntie Elsie. It makes me think of licked whisks and scraped bowls, cosy warm kitchens, the smell of home baking and the taste of cream and jam sandwiched between two thick slabs of vanilla cake. A good cake should taste like a proper cake – old … Read More My favourite vanilla sponge recipe and how to bake without clock-watching!

What to expect at your wedding cake consultation

So you’ve got engaged? Congratulations! Need a cake? Drop me a message! No idea what you want yet? That’s fine! This is my favourite bit! Let’s go behind the scenes and see what happens when you order a wedding cake and book onto your consultation!


An Autumnal Woodland Themed Wedding

While all weddings are supremely special, the wedding of 2019 was, for me, our very own autumnal woodland themed wedding. As soon as the question was popped last year, I knew straightaway how I wanted our wedding to look, so the first thing I did (being the consummate wedding cake maker) was to design the cake!