Hygiene and Cleaning Checklist Bundle



Always be prepared with excellent cleaning and hygiene records – on a routine Environmental Health check, you are more likely to fail on poor record keeping than on actual cleanliness of your kitchen and workspace. This starter bundle will get you started and is comprised of:

  • A Monthly Hygiene Checklist (print 12 of these to cover one year)
  • A 4-Monthly Cleaning Schedule (print 3)
  • A 2-Monthly Fridge Temperature Chart (print 6)

These charts are the ones I use in my kitchen, taking specific information directly from the Safer Food, Better Business packs from gov.uk. Whilst the SFBB packs contain a lot of data not pertaining to cake makers, this bundle will provide exactly the right amount of information to your Environmental Health Officer.

(Please note that not all EHO’s have the same rules and regulations across different regions of the UK, yours may need more or less from you – always work with your EHO to ensure you are providing them with the records they require)


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