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Top Wedding Trends for 2022

Top Wedding Trends for 2022 In this blog I bring you all of the emerging trends for 2022! This years trends and predictions have been tricky to foresee. With Covid restrictions easing we are certainly seeing much more elaborate and fun filled occasions with a real focus on bringing loved ones together and sharing joy. Couples are more keenly aware of how much friends … Read More Top Wedding Trends for 2022


Covid-19 Update – 23/09/2020

Wow! This year has been like no other hasn’t it?! Just as we were getting back on our feet and adjusting to smaller weddings of 30, now we have the rug pulled again and a drop down to weddings of 15, for the next six months. We have the rule of 6 and no meeting family or friends in our house or garden. Schools … Read More Covid-19 Update – 23/09/2020


What will weddings look like post-lockdown?

As we tentatively head out of lockdown, what are future weddings likely to look like for the next couple of years? What’s gone for now, or here to stay? Let’s take a look at what’s probably out and what’s maybe going to be in…


Guest Blog…A Day in the Life of… A Celebrant

Welcome to the third blog of my “A Day in the Life of…” series! This week we will be meeting Becky, who is a celebrant in my local area!


A Day In the Life Of…A Wedding Cake Maker

In the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing some guest blogs from other wedding professionals, to give you a different perspective than mine! To start us off, I’ll start with my own take on it, then we’ll introduce our guests over time. I’m looking forward to this!

How to expertly portion a cake

You’ve ordered a beautiful custom cake, or a luxury wedding cake, and now it’s sat in front of you as you dither with a large knife…”do I cut it this way? Or that way? I don’t know!” Instinct tells us to cut it into nice wedges, after all it’s a circle, so therefore it needs to be in segments….”but this cake needs to serve … Read More How to expertly portion a cake


Your non-wedding wedding day and what to do with it.

I am on day 22 of lockdown now, and I should have done the first few wedding cakes of the 2020 season by now. It feels pretty crap from my end – I love making wedding cakes, such a wonderful experience to make the centrepiece of someone’s wedding. However, the way I feel about YOUR wedding being postponed, doesn’t even touch upon the way … Read More Your non-wedding wedding day and what to do with it.

Delicious Chocolate Brownie!

Day 10 of the virus lock-down and I think I’m settling into this quite nicely now! I’ve got my new routine, which is basically get up at about 6.15am, enjoy the sounds of the birds singing in the garden while I make my morning coffee, then sit and talk to Mr Cakes on the phone for a bit. The everything gets cleaned to within … Read More Delicious Chocolate Brownie!


My favourite vanilla sponge recipe and how to bake without clock-watching!

For me, a vanilla sponge cake evokes memories of baking with my mum, or my gran, or my great-auntie Elsie. It makes me think of licked whisks and scraped bowls, cosy warm kitchens, the smell of home baking and the taste of cream and jam sandwiched between two thick slabs of vanilla cake. A good cake should taste like a proper cake – old … Read More My favourite vanilla sponge recipe and how to bake without clock-watching!

What to expect at your wedding cake consultation

So you’ve got engaged? Congratulations! Need a cake? Drop me a message! No idea what you want yet? That’s fine! This is my favourite bit! Let’s go behind the scenes and see what happens when you order a wedding cake and book onto your consultation!

Why do wedding cakes cost so much?

One of the most interesting yet mostly unspoken questions in the cake business is why DO wedding cakes cost more than birthday or christening cakes? It’s just cake, isn’t it? Surely it can’t be that difficult! Well, here I’ll cover some of the various differences between my birthday and wedding cakes, and why you really SHOULD expect to pay more for your wedding cake.

Busting some wedding cake myths

While weddings are on my mind (when are they not these days?!) – planning my own wedding has led me into the murky world of Pinterest and bridal magazines. Why murky? Because they don’t always paint an accurate picture! I’ve seen so many “pins” or articles promoting “20 ways to save money on your wedding”, “90 things brides do to cut down on wedding … Read More Busting some wedding cake myths