What to expect at your wedding cake consultation

So you’ve got engaged? Congratulations! Need a cake? Drop me a message! No idea what you want yet? That’s fine! This is my favourite bit! Let’s go behind the scenes and see what happens when you order a wedding cake and book onto your consultation!

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An Autumnal Woodland Themed Wedding

Photography – Scott Somerside |Venue – Singleton Lodge Country House Hotel

While all weddings are supremely special, the wedding of 2019 was, for me, our very own autumnal woodland themed wedding. As soon as the question was popped last year, I knew straightaway how I wanted our wedding to look, so the first thing I did (being the consummate wedding cake maker) was to design the cake! Once that was sketched out, I began to build the rest of the wedding around it. It also had to be on a budget, so I put my crafty nature to good use!

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Why do wedding cakes cost so much?

One of the most interesting yet mostly unspoken questions in the cake business is why DO wedding cakes cost more than birthday or christening cakes? It’s just cake, isn’t it? Surely it can’t be that difficult! Well, here I’ll cover some of the various differences between my birthday and wedding cakes, and why you really SHOULD expect to pay more for your wedding cake.

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Busting some wedding cake myths

While weddings are on my mind (when are they not these days?!) – planning my own wedding has led me into the murky world of Pinterest and bridal magazines. Why murky? Because they don’t always paint an accurate picture! I’ve seen so many “pins” or articles promoting “20 ways to save money on your wedding”, “90 things brides do to cut down on wedding costs”, blah blah blah. One thing they all seem to have in common is saving money on your wedding cake, so I’m going to bust a couple of myths:

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