3 Fantastic Wedding Cake Trends For 2021

3 Fantastic Wedding Cake Trends For 2021

Bohemian Dried Flowers

When lockdown made an abundance of fresh flowers difficult, dried flowers made a total comeback and bloomed to fill the gap!  

Dried flowers can be found in such a wonderfully wide variety of colours (muted, pastel, bright, vivid), textures (papery, feathery, spiky, smooth), and can be understated and soft, or bold, brash and right-in-your-face outlandish! There is something to suit all events and all occasions, and they have the added bonus of being ready-made, fuss-free keepsakes too!

Thought dried flowers were a thing of the past? Absolutely not! This gentle, warm, bohemian style has already featured in a big way through 2020, and I think with the amount of cancellations and postponements, it’s not going anywhere for a while yet.

A beautiful boho petite wedding cake with wheatsheaf stencilling and finished with a tiny bouquet of dried flowers. Cake and photography by Blackpool wedding cake designer Ivy and Bloom Cake Company

Stunning Jewel Tones

One of my personal favourites is the deeper darker colours. Jewel tones add a wonderful dimension, especially as we head into the colder Autumn and Winter months. Deep jewel tones will bring warmth and vibrancy after all the doom and gloom of 2020! Deep vibrant pinks, purples, burgundies, sapphire blues, emerald greens, all set off with a hint of metallics, copper, gold, silver. While the weddings may be smaller, the statements will be bigger!

Deep burgundy and warm copper metallic was the choice for this wedding cake, designed to stand out and really make a statement! Cake by Lancashire wedding cake maker Ivy and Bloom Cake Company, photo by Somerside Photography.

From the invitations, to the décor, expect a lot of lavish vibrant colour, and this should carry through the cake as well. You don’t have to have a fully dark coloured cake, but jewel tones really stand out so nicely, especially when offset with a highlight of metal.

Cakes don’t have to be completely dark, but just a hit of deeper colour and some shiny metallics can really make an impact! Cake and photography by Ivy and Bloom Cake Company

Pretty Pastels

Those soft pretty pastels are going no-where! In fact, they’re becoming more popular! These pretty, pastel blue and gorgeous peach-coloured cakes perfectly showcases why softer colours will always be popular at weddings. Soft, pastel rainbow hues will be the perfect way to bring a gentle infusion of colour and brightness to festivities, from balloon archways to soft pastel bouquets and attendant’s outfits. Delicious!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Pastels will always translate beautifully to a wedding cake, as shown below. The soft gentle hues will bring an ethereal feel to your wedding, and they are becoming more popular!

Why not go for pastel pinks, peaches or baby blues? Cakes and photos by Blackpool-based cake maker Ivy and Bloom Cake Company

If you’re here because you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding cake, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to have a chat! Designing and making wedding cakes is my passion and I love it!


Covid-19 Update – 23/09/2020

Wow! This year has been like no other hasn’t it?! Just as we were getting back on our feet and adjusting to smaller weddings of 30, now we have the rug pulled again and a drop down to weddings of 15, for the next six months. We have the rule of 6 and no meeting family or friends in our house or garden. Schools are open then closed, then sending pupils home, work from the office is back to work from home and pubs and restaurants are to close by 10pm.

Anyway, what does this mean for Ivy and Bloom Cake Company? I have seen so many cake and wedding businesses so defeated over the last 24 hours that they are just closing down and calling it a day. I allowed myself a bit of a grumpy wallow day yesterday, but today I’m NOT going to let this beat me. I survived one lockdown, I will get through another one! I’ve had another raft of postponements and cancellations, but I AM STILL OPEN!

While I’ve had to adjust again over the last few days, I’m taking orders for both wedding and celebration cakes, cupcakes and treat boxes, I am still going to be doing wedding consults (albeit online again for now!) and the luxury wedding cake samples can be posted out. I have plans in place to offer smaller wedding cakes, small dessert tables and family celebrations cakes and tray bakes so keep watching this space for news of those.

All collections must be in line with the rules now please – wear your mask and use the sanitiser which will be provided at the gate or front door as you would at any shop. All orders which are in my book will be fulfilled.

If you are a current client (wedding or celebration) and you have concerns about your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Other than that, I have some polystyrene dummy cakes and spare fondant to play with, and unusually some spare time, so keep watching for new designs!

Take care!


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How to expertly portion a cake

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Nothing more satisfying than a nice wedge of cake!
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12 of the loveliest drip cakes!

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Delicious Chocolate Brownie!

Day 10 of the virus lock-down and I think I’m settling into this quite nicely now! I’ve got my new routine, which is basically get up at about 6.15am, enjoy the sounds of the birds singing in the garden while I make my morning coffee, then sit and talk to Mr Cakes on the phone for a bit. The everything gets cleaned to within an inch of its life (no kidding, I’m starting to clean the metal off the door knobs and the paint off my kitchen cupboards!) and then it’s time for shower, clean the bathroom, washing in the machine and out on the line, and so on and so forth.

Around lunchtimes are when I try to do worky stuff, admin and catching up with enquiries (few and far between at the minute!) for an hour or two. In the late afternoons is when my sweet tooth comes knocking! Last week we made a cheap and cheerful swiss roll, today I think brownies, two lots, one to put in the freezer for Mr Cakes to take to work next week, and one to enjoy over the next few days. Also made this week – fresh bread using plain flour rather than bread flour, and tomorrow, hopefully, will be homemade pizzas!

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