Top Wedding Trends for 2022

In this blog I bring you all of the emerging trends for 2022! This years trends and predictions have been tricky to foresee. With Covid restrictions easing we are certainly seeing much more elaborate and fun filled occasions with a real focus on bringing loved ones together and sharing joy. Couples are more keenly aware of how much friends and family members mean to them and want their wedding celebrations to reflect this. 2022 will certainly be a year for throwing massive parties with 2022 couples wanting their wedding day to reflect their personalities, creativeness and above all be…. fun! Featuring unexpected elements and surprises that their guests will long remember after the wedding day. 2022 will see statement colours, bold entertainment, thoughtful décor and fashion-forward bridal style.

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You’re engaged, now what?

You’re engaged, now what? 

First of all – huge congratulations! You are engaged! What a moment! This may have been something that you have been waiting for, for quite some time, and now it’s finally here or perhaps it was more of a shock! However you’ve got engaged, I’d love to know details, who proposed? Where? How?  All of the details…..leave them in the comments below!  

Now, you may be left wondering what the next stages are after your engagement and in what order. But before you start to stress, don’t worry you are in the right place and I am here to help!  

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3 Fantastic Wedding Cake Trends For 2021

Bohemian Dried Flowers

When lockdown made an abundance of fresh flowers difficult, dried flowers made a total comeback and bloomed to fill the gap!  

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Covid-19 Update – 23/09/2020

Wow! This year has been like no other hasn’t it?! Just as we were getting back on our feet and adjusting to smaller weddings of 30, now we have the rug pulled again and a drop down to weddings of 15, for the next six months. We have the rule of 6 and no meeting family or friends in our house or garden. Schools are open then closed, then sending pupils home, work from the office is back to work from home and pubs and restaurants are to close by 10pm.

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What will weddings look like post-lockdown?

As we tentatively head out of lockdown, what are future weddings likely to look like for the next couple of years? What’s gone for now, or here to stay? Let’s take a look at what’s probably out and what’s maybe going to be in

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Guest Blog…A Day in the Life of… A Celebrant

Welcome to the third blog of my “A Day in the Life of…” series! This week we will be meeting Becky, who is a celebrant in my local area!

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Guest Blog – A Day In The Life Of… A Wedding Day Dog Chaperone!

Credit – Pawfect Occasions

Welcome to the first in a series of guest blogs from various wedding professionals! I want to give readers a few different perspectives of what goes on behind the scenes on a luxury wedding day in the North West of the UK, rather than just my own wedding cake view.

I’m going to hand you over to Annabel, who owns Pawfect Occasions, and let her tell you some more about the running of a dog chaperone business….

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A Day In the Life Of…A Wedding Cake Maker

In the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing some guest blogs from other wedding professionals, to give you a different perspective than mine! To start us off, I’ll start with my own take on it, then we’ll introduce our guests over time. I’m looking forward to this!

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My 5 favourite wedding cakes

I love a good wedding cake! I can’t help it! The more I work with wedding cakes, the more I fall in love with them. There is something so wonderful about being asked and entrusted with the task of making and setting up the centrepiece of someone’s wedding, I can’t help but feel privileged! While there aren’t many weddings to be had this year due to all the CV-19 carry-on, let’s have a look back at five of my favourites from years gone by…

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Top 5 Wedding Cake Flavours!

So you’ve booked your luxury three tier wedding cake, and taken home your box of delicious samples to try out, but how do you choose which flavours for your cake? Well, I have a comprehensive list of flavours available here, which I add to all the time! Some are comfortingly familiar, while others might seem a bit more unusual, but once tasted are never forgotten. Here’s a few FAQ’s about my flavours:

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How to expertly portion a cake

You’ve ordered a beautiful custom cake, or a luxury wedding cake, and now it’s sat in front of you as you dither with a large knife…”do I cut it this way? Or that way? I don’t know!” Instinct tells us to cut it into nice wedges, after all it’s a circle, so therefore it needs to be in segments….”but this cake needs to serve 20 people – if I cut it into segments, it’ll only serve 8!”

Nothing more satisfying than a nice wedge of cake!
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12 of the loveliest drip cakes!

Whether we love them or loathe them (I hope you don’t loathe them, I love ’em!) the ubiquitous drip cake is here to stay! They’ve morphed from a rather clunky untidy beast of a cake to a pretty, unique, versatile style of cake. Endlessly variable, the drip cake can be adapted to any occasion, and it can look really satisfyingly good! For girls, for boys, even for a wedding, a drip cake can add that bit of luxury to any occasion, and can be designed to suit any event. Here’s my favourite top 12 drip cakes!

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