Who & where am I?

Hi! I am Rachel, and I live in a village just outside Blackpool in the North West of England. I’m mum to two grown-up boys, nanna to three beautiful grandchildren and wifey to Mr S! I have one lazy senior kitty and one exceptionally hyper collie dog who keeps me on my toes! This is me……

Where did it all start?

I’ve always had a love of baking and cooking and generally messing up my mum’s/gran’s/great auntie’s kitchens from a very young age, and many of my earliest memories revolve around being in the kitchen with homemade food of some description.

I began my solo baking journey in about 2012, when I started decorating cupcakes and cakes at home and soon began gathering requests for cakes for this occasion or that. I went official in 2013 and named my fledgling business Cakes at Rachel’s.

Bakers make the world a better place, one cake at a time.

A very wise person
What happened after that?

Eventually, I had more cake orders than I could handle and reduced my hours at work, before finally giving up the day job altogether in about 2017 (I think!) to work from my home cake studio full time. I took the decision to rebrand and focus more on my love of luxury wedding cake design, and so Ivy & Bloom Cake Company was born on the 1st January 2020. I thought at the time, “what can possibly go wrong, wedding cakes will always be needed”….then promptly got hit by a global pandemic, who’d have thought it! Nevertheless, Ivy & Bloom Cake Co is my absolute passion, and despite the problems with the pandemic, I’m still here and still thriving! I love it!

So what’s next?

In between being hectically busy with wedding cakes, I have dreams of expanding my business to encompass more than just wedding cake – I was starting to set up one-to-one and group cake decorating lessons just before the pandemic hit, so that’s something I would like to get back to. Something else I have in mind is to create a series of books, largely aimed at other cake makers to share the order forms and kitchen records that I use in my own kitchen, but also some recipe books for the home baker, sharing some of my favourite cake recipes. I’m already starting work on a recipe book specifically for children because I do believe getting our little ones into the kitchen from an early age is an essential life skill to learn, leading to a greater understanding of where food comes from and how to prepare a delicious recipe to share.

Where can you follow me?

You can find me all over the internet! I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and I’ve just got going on TikTok! I’d love to see you over there, come and give me a follow (or two!)

So that’s a potted history of me, and a quick introduction to my business. I’m a friendly sort, so any questions, just shoot me a message across!