Planning a Fall Wedding – We can see why… from dreamy decor, cosy atmosphere’s and the delicious food and drink that all make an autumn wedding beautiful. Autumn is one of the most popular seasons to get married, and with good reason! The leaves are changing colour, the weather is getting cooler, and there’s so much to love about autumn weddings. To help you prepare for your autumn wedding, we’ve put together some of the most popular trends this season. In this post you’ll find lots of wedding ideas for seasonal details so, take your pick and create your own perfect autumn wedding.

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Before you start planning your decorations and details you need to choose your wedding colours. When it comes to weddings, there are endless possibilities for colours and themes. But if you’re getting married in the season of change there’s really no reason not to consider an autumn-inspired palette. Rich hues of gold, orange, and red can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Incorporating natural elements like leaves and pumpkins can give your wedding a rustic charm. You can work with natural seasonal tones such as browns, greens and oranges or opt for a softer palette and include neutral tones with hints of blush, grey, lilac or even pink.  If you prefer a bolder look, opt for berry reds with jewel tones or even pair striking contrast colours with orange. Whatever colours you choose, your autumn wedding is sure to be unforgettable.

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Your floral decorations will always play a huge part in bringing your wedding theme to life, luckily for you in autumn, you’ve got a great choice of beautiful blooms. Ranunculus, Roses, Astrantia, Sedum, Sunflowers, Clematis, Hydrangea, Carthamus, Orchids, Calia Lilies, Amaranthus, Dahilias, Thistle, Protea, Anemones are some of the blooms you may wish to consider. Eucalyptus, Ferns, Ivy and Olive will bring more of the autumn theme to your overall décor. Whether you choose to embrace the traditional and go with warm reds and oranges or you decide to take advantage of what’s seasonally available and opt for jewel tones or to buck from tradition and have a simple neutral or pastel colour scheme an expert florist will be able to guide you through the blooms available during the autumn season.

Of course, you don’t just have to work with flowers at this time year, pumpkins and squashes in all shapes and sizes look charming mixed with foliage and candles lining steps for centerpieces or to dress guest book tables and seating plans.  You can also incorporate some woodland elements into any foliage you have such as berries, twigs, pinecones and changing leaves.

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Of course there’s more flowers and decorative elements than what’s been listed here but it’s a good starting point for you to talk to your chosen florist about in more depth with or to start adding to your Pinterest board!

When thinking about your wedding venue it may need to be an all-round space. It should have plenty of outside space, in case the weather is warm, along with cozy spaces and an equally aesthetic interior for those all important wedding photographs.  Rustic barns can be a great choice for the season. Remember to think about decorating your indoor and outdoor space,  as the weather can be changeable in the season and if you get an Indian Summers Day – you’ll likely spend a lot of time enjoying your venue’s outdoor space. Filling jars with fairy lights will create a relaxed vibe at dusk and also provide some romantic shots with your chosen photographer.  Whatever type of venue you go for, you can plan for the unpredictable weather with a few simple touches. For example if you are worried about rain you can hire a selection of wedding umbrellas. You can also provide a basket of blankets for guests to snuggle into when the evening draws in.

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Of course, the bride is always the centre of attention on her big day. Don’t be afraid to pay a nod to the relaxing season with a equally relaxed hairstyle. A large braid or informal up-do decorated with some greenery or even a flower crown will look gorgeous paired against the changing leaves outside. Autumn is also the perfect time of year to celebrate the golden tones and incorporate this into your make up, don’t be afraid to add some highlighter on your cheeks and to add a bit of extra bronzer. Soft brown shades won’t look too harsh and look fabulous with some added shimmer too.

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Finally, autumn food is all about variety. With the cooler weather you may decide to serve up warmer dishes for your wedding day menu. Wild mushrooms, venison loin, hearty roasts, shepherds pie are all popular meals associated with this season and will keep your guests well fed and happy. For the evening do, why not treat your guests to wood-fired pizzas followed by seasonal delights such as toffee apples or toasted marshmallows?

And of course, don’t forget it’s the perfect time of year for that dramatic sparkler send off!

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