Wow! This year has been like no other hasn’t it?! Just as we were getting back on our feet and adjusting to smaller weddings of 30, now we have the rug pulled again and a drop down to weddings of 15, for the next six months. We have the rule of 6 and no meeting family or friends in our house or garden. Schools are open then closed, then sending pupils home, work from the office is back to work from home and pubs and restaurants are to close by 10pm.

Anyway, what does this mean for Ivy and Bloom Cake Company? I have seen so many cake and wedding businesses so defeated over the last 24 hours that they are just closing down and calling it a day. I allowed myself a bit of a grumpy wallow day yesterday, but today I’m NOT going to let this beat me. I survived one lockdown, I will get through another one! I’ve had another raft of postponements and cancellations, but I AM STILL OPEN!

While I’ve had to adjust again over the last few days, I’m taking orders for both wedding and celebration cakes, cupcakes and treat boxes, I am still going to be doing wedding consults (albeit online again for now!) and the luxury wedding cake samples can be posted out. I have plans in place to offer smaller wedding cakes, small dessert tables and family celebrations cakes and tray bakes so keep watching this space for news of those.

All collections must be in line with the rules now please – wear your mask and use the sanitiser which will be provided at the gate or front door as you would at any shop. All orders which are in my book will be fulfilled.

If you are a current client (wedding or celebration) and you have concerns about your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Other than that, I have some polystyrene dummy cakes and spare fondant to play with, and unusually some spare time, so keep watching for new designs!

Take care!

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