In the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing some guest blogs from other wedding professionals, to give you a different perspective than mine! To start us off, I’ll start with my own take on it, then we’ll introduce our guests over time. I’m looking forward to this!

Who are you? Introduce yourself and give a brief description of your wedding related job.

Hi, I’m Rachel and I have been a cake maker for nearly eight years now. I run my own business called Ivy and Bloom Cake Company. Over the years I’ve developed an absolute love affair with wedding cakes, and for me the winning moment is when a bride sees her cake and gets tears of happiness in her eyes – that’s when I know I’ve got it not just right, but perfect.

How did you get started in your job and how long have you done it or been there for?

I started as a hobby baker in about 2012, and by 2013 it had taken over my life so much that I took all the relevant steps and had my council hygiene inspection and officially became a small business called Cakes at Rachel’s. I ran this alongside my day job as a barista until 2016 (I think!) when it had become so big I took the decision to quit the day job and do cakes full time.

The winning moment is when a bride sees her cake and gets tears of happiness in her eyes – that’s when I know I’ve got it not just right, but perfect.

Rachel – Ivy and Bloom cake Company

What prep would you do before the big day? How much work do you do with your couples before the wedding?

Wedding day work starts months (sometimes years!) ahead of time, beginning with wedding consultation and tasting boxes. As the big day draws closer, I will start making decorations, such as sugar flowers, if necessary. I generally use silk flowers on my cakes as I love the wide range available these days. When it gets to a few days before then I will bake, level and fill the cakes, then cover them with fondant, and then the day before will be spent on decorating the cake and adding in all the gorgeous little details.

What time you would start on the day & how do you start your day (breakfast or coffee)?

On the day, I will always always start with a freshly ground homemade coffee (I’m not a people person until I’ve had my morning coffee!) and I’m usually an early riser, up by 5.30-6.00am, even on weekends off. If the wedding is a lunchtime delivery then Mr Cakes will make our usual weekend breakfast of slow-cooked bacon and eggs, which sets us up nicely! If the cake is a big one and I need a hand to carry it, I usually enlist the help of either Mr Cakes or my mum to help me lift the cake in and out of the car and at the venue, setting it up.

Which are your top three wedding venues to work with?

My three favourite wedding venues are Singleton Lodge, near Poulton (I’m biased on this one, Mr Cakes and I had our autumn wedding here last year!) It’s the prettiest little country house hotel in beautiful grounds with alpacas grazing in the fields just across the lawn. Inside, it’s warm and welcoming, beautifully decorated with open fires in winter and superb views out of the windows.

My next favourite would be the very pretty Mitton Hall in Clitheroe. As you walk in, it’s all gorgeous dark wood panelling and massive open fireplace (alright, you might have spotted open fires figures highly on my favourites list!) As you walk through into the wedding reception room (well, the one I delivered to anyway) it opens up into a more modern space, with long windows overlooking the amazing gardens.

My third favourite place would be The Inn at Whitewell, an olde worlde venue jam packed with history. It has a spacious marquee at the side and a gorgeous little church just a stone’s throw from the front door. The wedding marquee looks over the River Hodder in the Forest of Bowland, and is certainly a journey of bravery up a lot of tiny twisty lanes when you’ve got a wedding cake in the back of the car!

A bit of quirkiness thrown in never hurts

Rachel – Ivy and Bloom Cake Company

What is your favourite type of wedding couple to work with and why?

My favourite couples to work with are the relaxed ones who have a rough theme for me to follow but otherwise are happy to let my imagination work it’s magic! A bit of quirkiness thrown in never hurts either – I’ve added all sorts to wedding cakes over the years from 3lb solid white chocolate skulls to crocheted bride and groom toppers!

Are there any stand-out moments that you’ve witnessed while you’ve been working (made you laugh or made you cry?)

The moments that make me cry usually are when other people cry when they see their cake (with happiness, I’ll just chuck that in there!) I’m a sucker for an emotional moment, it sets me off every single time!

So there we are, a little bit about me, in interview form! Follow or subscribe to get updates on every blog post, and keep an eye out for the guest blogs! The first will be with us soon! Pop across to any of the social media accounts for more frequent updates.

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