So you’ve booked your luxury three tier wedding cake, and taken home your box of delicious samples to try out, but how do you choose which flavours for your cake? Well, I have a comprehensive list of flavours available here, which I add to all the time! Some are comfortingly familiar, while others might seem a bit more unusual, but once tasted are never forgotten. Here’s a few FAQ’s about my flavours:

How long will my wedding cake keep? Generally, your cake is best eaten within seven days. However, all my cakes are made from scratch, so if you find yourself with some leftover slices before you head off on honeymoon, you can portion it up, wrap it well and pop it in the freezer until you get home again – see my blog on How to Portion a Cake here!

How many flavours can I choose? Totally depends on how many tiers you have – it’s one flavour per tier, so if you’ve got a single tier cake, it’s one flavour. If you’ve got a three tier cake, it’s three flavours.

I really want a certain flavour, but you don’t have it on your Flavour list? Just ask! I can do most flavours for you, if there’s one you want which isn’t on my list, just give me a shout. If it’s one I haven’t done before, I will research the recipe and give it a few practice runs before your wedding, so you can be assured of the very best quality flavour when it comes to the big day!

Now, let’s have a look at my favourite top five flavours…

In fifth place, Tangy Chocolate Orange! A delicious dark chocolate cake, fudgy and moist, filled with silky smooth ganache and orange marmalade, flavoured with shreds of tasty, flavourful orange rind. Absolutely perfect as a sweet treat but with an extra citrus tang, and guaranteed to give your guests the “mmmmm” factor!

Photo credit – Andela Stamen, Unsplash

Next up in place number 4, the comfortingly familiar taste of carrot cake! A delicious cake, perfect for a winter or autumn themed wedding cake, full of warming slightly spicy and orange flavours, complemented perfectly with melt-in-the-mouth tangy orange frosting. A firm favourite with both old and young guests alike, this traditional carrot cake will fill the room with satisfied sighs! Just like your grandmother used to make, and probably from a very similar recipe as well!

Photo credit – Sharon Ang, Pixabay

In third place, the modern taste of Pink Champagne and Raspberry cake! Flavoured with that oh-so-memorable twang of champagne, and with a pretty pink colour on being cut, alternating with the clean lines of vanilla buttercream, this is a delightfully feminine and luxurious cake. Dotted with freeze-dried raspberries, it’s a sure-fire winner of a cake flavour.

Photo credit – Coco Tafoya, Unsplash

In second place, it’s got to be Lemon and Elderflower. A light and flavourful sponge cake made famous by Harry and Megan’s Royal wedding, this flavour suits a summery wedding cake, with it’s lightly lemony taste. The filling is delicious buttercream flavoured with elderflower syrup, and couldn’t be more evocative in scent and taste of a warm summer’s afternoon.

Photo credit – Dilyara Garifulli, Unsplash

In first place, everybody’s favourite, the classic Vanilla cake. Layered with a delicious simple buttercream made with finest butter and vanilla bean paste, and finished with a slightly tangy seedless raspberry conserve for that traditional birthday cake taste. Whilst you can choose more modern or twisty flavours for your wedding cake tiers, nothing will be more of an absolute people pleaser than classic vanilla. This would normally be top choice for the biggest tier of your wedding cake, taking over from the age old tradition of using dark fruit cake. Properly stored, it stays beautifully moist and keeps for ages too.

Photo credit – Gate74, Pixabay

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