You’ve ordered a beautiful custom cake, or a luxury wedding cake, and now it’s sat in front of you as you dither with a large knife…”do I cut it this way? Or that way? I don’t know!” Instinct tells us to cut it into nice wedges, after all it’s a circle, so therefore it needs to be in segments….”but this cake needs to serve 20 people – if I cut it into segments, it’ll only serve 8!”

Nothing more satisfying than a nice wedge of cake!

So just how do you cut that lovely cake into lovely slices? First, you’ll need a sharp serrated knife, and a board, and a tray to put your slices on. Take your cake, and your knife and make your first cut straight across, and it needs to be about an inch thick. I’ve already taken a slice off here, but you can see where I’ve cut.

Lay that slice flat on the board, and then slice it into long finger portions. It’s up to you how wide you make them, I was cutting this one for my HGV driver husband to take to work with him, so they were quite big slices! But you can cut thinner ones and get more out of it:

Move those slices onto the tray and repeat the process again, and again until you’ve portioned up all of your cake. If you have either small children who only need a very small portion, or you’ve ordered a double height (sometimes called a double barrelled) cake, you can cut each of those long slices into smaller half size ones.

That was a six inch cake, which would normally give around 6-8 wedges, and I got about 14 slices from it if I remember rightly!

Have a quick watch of the video below, the photos are all still taken from the video, so you’ll see exactly how I work.

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