Whether we love them or loathe them (I hope you don’t loathe them, I love ’em!) the ubiquitous drip cake is here to stay! They’ve morphed from a rather clunky untidy beast of a cake to a pretty, unique, versatile style of cake. Endlessly variable, the drip cake can be adapted to any occasion, and it can look really satisfyingly good! For girls, for boys, even for a wedding, a drip cake can add that bit of luxury to any occasion, and can be designed to suit any event. Here’s my favourite top 12 drip cakes!

This drip cake is embellished with fresh flowers and macarons, and the offset candles at the finishing touch. This was my own 40th cake, and so by default is my favourite!

Drip cakes don’t need to be just one tier either, as shown by Tabitha’s little unicorn cake! They present beautifully as two tiers, or even more!

If you’re looking for a wedding cake, a simple drip style gives a modern yet luxurious twist to a traditional part of your wedding – perfect for the small and intimate wedding.

This is my favourite way to decorate a drip cake – lots of pretty, feminine additions!

It’s not just for girls either – drip cakes can be perfectly themed to any colour, and the boys are just as sure to enjoy them as much as the girls!

It’s not just for the youngsters either. With the addition of some silk flowers, tall candles and a numeral topper, it becomes a sophisticated affair suitable for the discerning lady!

With the cheeky addition of some (client-supplied) miniature gin bottles, we have a luxury cake which is sure to be a winner!

Here’s another boy’s version, showing just how versatile the drip cake really is! Gotta love those bright colours!

It doesn’t matter whether the recipient is old or young, the range of colours and styles are endless, like this sweetie drip cake for Gabriela. That aqua and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations, so pretty and fresh!

Not only can it be more than one tier, it can be for more than one person, as demonstrated perfectly by Carly and Rob’s joint 30th birthday cake, one side is pretty and feminine, and one side is dark and chocolatey! I think we know which is which!

Gin themed cakes are a popular choice, and why not! Pass the Gordon’s dear!

Finally, another favourite, this stand-out drip cake dressed very smartly in black and gold, just proves the point that there really are no limits when it comes to choosing your colour palette for your drip cake. Go bold or go home!

If you’re in Lancashire and in need of a luxury cake, do drop me a message on any of the socials or via the website contact page.

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