So you’ve got engaged? Congratulations! Need a cake? Drop me a message! No idea what you want yet? That’s fine! This is my favourite bit! Let’s go behind the scenes and see what happens when you order a wedding cake and book onto your consultation!

First steps…

The first thing I’ll do when you contact me is get a few details – obviously the date is one of the most important, so we’ll get that cleared first – there’s no point going through lots of other details if I can’t actually fit you in!


The next thing I’ll ask is how many people you’d like your cake to feed. This can be a bit hit and miss to start with – one venue will often cut cakes differently to the next, but in general, a wedding cake slice will be about 1″x2″ in size. The height can affect how many portions you can get from a tall cake – a double height tier might give you 40 instead of 20 for example, but you need to cut it differently – each slice is cut in half to give an extra portion.

The design…

Once we’ve got that bit sorted, I’ll ask if you have a design in mind – sounds complicated and a bit scary? Noooo! I don’t mind if you do or if you don’t know what you want! If you DON’T have any design ideas, what I’m looking for are clues to the style you like, details you might want to include, colours – something bold or maybe more muted colours, even something to match the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses? A pattern maybe – a nod to the pattern on your own beautiful dress? If you DO have a design in mind – great! Send it on over!


So next, once I have all the necessary details, I’ll be able to give you a provisional quote. Why provisional? Well, things can change! You might change your mind about some of the details, I might advise you to change something (if an addition won’t sit right on the cake, for example) or if you want to add extra details or more portions for example.


Once you’ve accepted your quote, and you’re happy with everything, then there’s a booking fee to secure your date, which is a payment of £50. Once that’s confirmed, I’ll invite you to the next wedding consultation date. Consultations are every month or two and are simply a chance for you to meet your baker and for me to meet my new wedding couple. It’s all very informal, and can be held either at my home or we can arrange to have the meeting at your wedding venue.

On the day…

On the day, when you arrive, bring with you any bits and bobs that might be useful – snippets from magazines, Pinterest boards, bits of fabric, ribbon, photos of any detailing on your dress – there really is no end to the inspiration we can use towards a cake design.

Over a complimentary hot drink and biscuits, we’ll go over all the details with a fine tooth comb – literally start at one end of the cake and work our way to the other! I’ll sketch it out roughly as we go along and make a lot of notes. Once you’re happy with everything, then I’ll make sure I have all the correct details for you and you’ve asked all the questions you want to ask me. You’ll receive your luxury cake samples to try out at home, and that’s it!

After your consultation…

After the consultations are finished (I generally try to see everyone on the same couple of days, in one hour time slots) , I’ll sit down with all your details, sketches, notes etc and start putting together your order form. I’ll put a better sketch together for you (I’m not such a good artist these days, but it will give you a good visual idea of what your cake will look like), consolidate all my notes and this will be sent to you via email for your records.

Follow up…

Once your consultation is done, that’s pretty much it until a few weeks before the wedding date, when I’ll most likely call you back in for a quick catch up meeting. The pre-wedding consultation won’t ever be as long as the original consultation, probably about fifteen minutes long – it’s literally just a quick whizz through all the details to make sure we are both clear on the details and refresh our memories on everything – after all, it might have been as much as a year or eighteen months in some cases since our first meeting!

I hope that’s demystified the consultation process a bit for you – as always, my manta is – if you have any questions, just ask!

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